Gift Shop

The hospital Gift Shop (which was founded in 1971) and Gift Cart, wholly managed and operated by volunteers, provide a significant ongoing source of funds for hospital equipment needs.


Patient Care

The first mission of the GMH Volunteers is to provide patient care. Those services include:

  • Patient Grooming Services: Volunteers who have skill and experience in cutting hair provide hair grooming services to patients at the Skilled Nursing Unit facility.
  • Interpretation services: There is a need for interpreters for patients who do not speak English. If you speak Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and the languages of the outer Pacific islands, your valuable services are needed. Occasionally there is also a need for someone who can interpret in “sign” language.
  • Patient Navigation (information booth)
  • Pediatrics: Volunteers are particularly appreciated by the children. Providing comfort to sick children can be in the form of reading books, singing songs, playing games, or feeding them.
  • Assisting Hospital Departments: Volunteers may be called upon to assist the certain departments in the hospital


The organization holds a handful of fundraising events throughout the year to assist the hospital by donating necessary equipment, supplies, and upkeep. All GMHVA Volunteers take active part in organizing, managing, and promoting these events.